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Fenderchet returns!


Our favourite Venezuelan Fenderchet is back with another sweet release, Hearts EP. Fits the spring time here in Stockholm just perfect! Trippy organs, IDM glitch, broken downtempo beats and most of all, those lovely pop melodies.

Read more, listen and download here. For free as always.


New release! Klangbild by Aloo


Ladies and gentlemen, we are back! It took a while, as so many of life’s goods do, but we have no doubt you will forgive us after listening to our latest family member Aloo. From his studio in Leipzig he mixes up the border between images and sounds and paints a collection of songs that summarizes all that we stand for here at Astor Bell.

Follow him through this dreamy and dubby electronica experience. Read more, listen and download here. For free as always.

Anniversary Remix Compilation out now!


In February we celebrated our first anniversary by launching the Remix Project. Our artists “backtracked into their harddrives and extracted these singular moments and scattered them over the floor.”

We asked you to put the pieces back together, and you did.

We received submissions reaching to all corners of the globe. We hand picked the absolute best. Please know that it was NOT an easy task. We thank you for all of your submissions.

Anniversary 1 : Astor Bell Remixes. Mission completed.

Read all about it, listen and download here. For free as always.

New release! Ephedra by Socket Science


After months and months in Stockholm, Sweden’s Consulate Studio, Socket Science finally returns with a sophomore release on Astor Bell. Ephedra is an EP consisting of three long, dark and slow yet club friendly tracks. More techno than the slightly pop oriented predecessor, but still drenched in those gorgeous little melodies that we’ve learnt to expect.

Carrying moments of both feelgood and itchy discomfort, this release grasps to cover a wide variety of emotions. Interpret it freely, just make sure you get that beat going.

Read all about it, listen and download here. For free as always.

New release! Audioteka’s Just So Simple


One day we turned our transmitter antennas sharp east and managed to obtain signals from Krasnoyarsk, Russia. And what sounds we received! The most beautiful minimal techno soundscapes, carrying underlying echoes of the Siberian wilderness and disintegrated post Sovietian dreams.

As a service for the greater good we pressed record, compressed and packaged it up and hence we now have another release for you, our beloved followers. Embrace the debut 12” from Audioteka.

Read all about it, listen and download here. For free as always.

Dan Brasco’s sophomore release

It’s been a bit longer than usual between releases, but we’re back, and it was worth the wait. Dan Brasco returns with another nifty two track EP along the same lines as his debut Two-tier Society from earlier this year.  This time, however, focus is on domestic issues rather than the inequalities of modern society.  Dan offers us quite a pleasant way of tackling these matters, I must say.

Read more and download the EP here.

New release! Fabrizio Cacciamali’s Kobalt Trees

We randomly came across Fabrizio Cacciamali‘s previous work and had to get in contact with him and see if he was interested in releasing something with Astor Bell. Luckily he was totally into the idea.

So, we’re proud to release Kobalt Trees, a stunning EP of digital dabbles grounded in repetition and expanded upon in manipulation. The listener is taken to the exact fraction of time in which the machines fail. Everyone and everything, reset to presets.

Help us welcome Milan, Italy’s finest to the Astor Bell roster and download the EP here.

Fabrizio Cacciamali on Myspace.

Giuseppe is back

The Sleep EP

Array of Sunshine was one of our initial releases here at Astor Bell, and remains the one which has created the biggest buzz wave in the blog world. We know why. Now Giuseppe is back with a vengeance. Lamu takes it all to another level and should be nothing but the big break.

ASTOR009 : Lamu, the sophomore release from our techno whizzkid raises the Astor Bell standards even higher. Like a younger and more playful disciple of Gui Boratto or Sascha Funke, Giuseppe is bound to knock out kosher minimal techno lovers as well as those who value pop melody perfection.

This EP is a dreamy lightweight production that sweeps you away, yet keeps that foot stomping to the steady beat. Leaving the most obvious electro influences from the debut 12” behind, Giuseppe now focuses slightly more on soaring synths and an airier atmosphere, while keeping his trademark percussion and chime combo. Oh this is beautiful!

Go go download it for free here.

New release! Fenderchet delivers

The Sleep EP

We’ve been planning to slow down tempo here over the summer months, but hey, there’s just too much fantastic music that needs to get out there. Cosmic powers, or was it plain luck, connected us with Falcon, Venezuela’s Fenderchet a while ago, and it has resulted in yet another mesmerizing release.

ASTOR008 : The Sleep EP captures the journey from the moment you put your head on your pillow until that when you open your eyes several hours later, dreams included. It is a step back to a lower tempo and glitchy soundscapes nodding towards Boards of Canada, Tycho and Aphex Twin’s ambient work. It is the soundtrack to this rainy week in Stockholm, and most likely to coming summer nights, regardless of the wheather. But most of all it’s a breathtaking attempt at catching your inner emotions, using nothing but a digital tool kit.

Save your own day, download it for free here.

New Release! Dan Brasco is in the house

Two-tier Society

More great music! Dan Brasco out of Bremen, Germany has joined our family and opens up strong.

ASTOR007 : Two-tier Society is a calm but catchy mini EP that focuses on melodic patterns and dreamy soundscapes. Two tracks, one lighter and one slightly darker that make the perfect soundtrack to the current season. Wherever you are.

Everything you need today can be found here.

Happy times! Love,
Astor Bell