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Yap Xap Podcast 10 – Socket Science


Socket Science assembled the latest edition of the Yap Xap podcast out of Berlin. Contains a few melancholic tunes, a bit of acid, and later on some heavier beats. And you might also want to look out for the unreleased material from SS himself as well as from our own Giuseppe, who is now based in Rotterdam. Listen, comment and then check out the other YX mixes, they’re all all good.

Socket Science – The Secret of Creation Mix

  1. Intro
  2. Mauro Norti – You And Me (Max Cooper Remix) (Wide Angle)
  3. Avatism – We Were (Vakant)
  4. Lake People – Candle (URSL)
  5. Silicone Soul – Burning Sands (Hypnohouse Dub) (Soma)
  6. Dominik Eulberg – Mikroorgasmen Im Morgentau (Traum)
  7. Voices From The Lake feat. Donato Dozzy & Neel – Twins In Virgo (Reprise) (Prologue)
  8. Voices From The Lake feat. Donato Dozzy & Neel – Mika (Prologue)
  9. Giuseppe – Kalla Fötter (unreleased)
  10. Magda – One Way (Items & Things)
  11. Socket Science – Medicine Man (Veryverywrongindeed)
  12. Chris Mitchell – Phrenetic (Vanguard Sound!)
  13. Dntel – My Orphaned Son (Die Vögel Remix) (Pampa)
  14. 0010X0010 – Cocoon (Generation Acid)
  15. Sascha Rydell – Mauvais Sang (Fachwerk)
  16. Tripeo – Untitled #2 (Tripeo)
  17. Der Dritte Raum – Trommelmaschine (Toby Dreher Reconstruction Remix) (Der Dritte Raum)
  18. Socket Science – Edo (unreleased)




It’s been too long since we posted something from our in-house vinyl master Mattias Edholm. Here’s an attempt to fix that – a brand new mix straight outta Hornstull. Dark, weird and wonderful as always!

Mattias Edholm – L7 mix November 2011

1. Sandwell District – Falling in the Same Way (Reality Or Nothing Extended) [Sandwell District]
2. Resoe – Minus and Plus (Sigha remix) [Echocord]
3. Butane – Suffering Man [Catenaccio]
4. Pattern Repeat – 004 A2 [Pattern Repeat]
5. Tommy Four Seven – CH4 (Speedy J Remix) [CLR048]
6. Adam Beyer & Pär Grindvik – Seq 1 Living Wheel [Drumcode]
7. Staffan Linzatti – Morning [Searchlights]
8. Rod – Malmok Two [Klockworks 07]
9. Robert Hood – Alpha (James Ruskin Remix) [M-Plant]
10. Pär Grindvik – Sinister (Pär Grindvik Rework) [Sthlm LTD]
11. Sigha – Sigha EP B1 [Hotflush]
12. Sigha – I Am Apathy, I am Submission [Blueprint]
13. Tim Xavier – Zombie Walk With Me [Limited 400]
14. The Holow – They Won´t Get Me [Sthlm LTD]

Summer sleep

Hi fans!

I hope there’s someone still listening out there! Astor Bell has been quiet for quite some time. This is due to several reasons, private and professional, and is that kind of a thing that can happen when you run something like this on a volunteer basis. The spare time that has earlier been devoted to keep this little label up and running was suddenly gone. Nonetheless it’s sad because we miss this labour of love and the world misses out on all beautiful music that we strive to put out.

This is starting to sound like a final goodbye letter, mind you it is not! We’re still around and we still have plans, be it that our releases might pop up with slightly less frequent occurrence. Next up when we manage to get the motor running is a lovely ambientish EP by German sound genius Aloo. You’ll forgive us for our abscence when you get your hands on it, rest assured.

We would however like to give you a little treat right now, a little something for being so patient with us. Here’s a mix that should suit those of you resident in the northern hemisphere especially, a celebration of the cold and dark yet beautiful time of the year that lies ahead. Actually your location is irrelevant, everyone can do with a shred of melancholy. And despite how this mix originally aimed for an ambient sound, the bpm slowly raised and now the reverbed strings are fully danceable.

Press play and relax. We’ll be back.

Roller Blind Mix

Better late than never. This fabulous mix by Mattias has been on repeat here all summer. It summarizes it all.

Mattias Edholm – Roller Blind Mix June 2010

I don’t have a track list for you at this point, but in case you wonder what that peak track is that you’ve heard on just about every dance floor this summer, it’s Tarantula by Sthlm/Miami duo Pleasurekraft.

Outstanding netlabel mix

makeface radio logo

Passing on a mix from the French free music oriented web based radio channel Makeface. Not mainly because it carries Socket Science‘s new track Ephedra, but because it’s fabulous all the way through. Smoothly mixed but most of all bearing an impeccable selection of tracks. Why ever pay for music when you can get gems like these for free?

A bonus for us was also to hear the fantastic french pronunciation of our name and related artist and track. We don’t understand a word though, if you do please pass it on.

Stream or download here.

More Socket Science: New mix


One day after the release of sensational new EP Ephedra, Socket Science strikes again with a new studio crafted mix. This time custom made for the delectable Belgium based blog Ssssound, as no. seven in their congenially entitled mix series Ssssoundtrack. In order to suit the context it’s slightly more pop oriented than some of the previous club colored sets. Still, you can without a doubt play it on your next dj gig while pretending to mix vinyl without being ashamed.

As usual it carries some of the best 12”s currently on the shelves, but what makes this extra special is the exclusive Astor Bell related tracks. Hex is the first sign of life from Bubble Shield since the debut My Raspberry Nights (which was actually produced back in 2007)! An utterly hypnotizing track that makes us thrilled about what’s to come! Also there’s an unreleased SS track named Virtual Reality which might or might not be released, plus a remix of Harvey McKay‘s techno super hit 69, which takes it into subtly more mellow domains while keeping the rawness and crashingly deranged atmosphere of the original.

Read more, listen and download over at Sssound.

Empire Mix

vinyl collection

We’ve been doing dome spring cleaning in the mixes section of the AB domains, rinsing out some oldies to open up for something new and fresh. To compensate for the great music chucked away, we right away added a perfect example of that new and fresh, entitled Empire Mix.

It’s our in-house vinyl DJ and hero Mattias Edholm that has been going at it again, which you by now should know means an impeccable choice of minimal techno blended into one beautiful and strange piece of music.

Soundtrack your life; get the music and tracklist here.

Off to the moon

Socket Science is back after some time of silence. It seems he’s been hiding out in his studio crafting not only new original tunes but also this fresh concept mix. It’s a journey starting off at the moon and ending up somewhere in the darker alleys of Paris. Touching at ambient and even a tad of indie rock, this is of course as usual mainly about the beats. Lining up some of the finest minimal techno 12”:s of late 2009 this serves as a shopping list for your next record store visit, but even more it’s for cranking up the volume and letting go.

The Moon Landing Mix track list and download link are found over at the Mixes page. Dig into it now.

Astor Bell Label Mix 001-009


Recently we received a wonderful surprise in our inbox. Dan Brasco, who’s of course one of the newest artists on the AB roster, put together a comprehensive and engaging mix of songs from all 9 AB releases and shared it with us. We loved it so much we wanted to share it with all of you!

As we’ve stated all along, these releases don’t fit into the same genre, category, etc… Some were built for clubs while others were engineered for headphones and living room dance parties at noon. What we do know is that all AB releases evoke a (for lack of a better word) “vibe” that engaged us upon first listen.

So hearing these songs meshed into one another makes for an interesting listening experience to say the least, as well as gives us a pretty cool summary of what we’ve all accomplished in the past 7 months.

You can download and check out the tracklist on the Mixes page.

A big thanks to Dan for putting this together!