More from Wunderblock

Another sign of life from Astor Bell protégé Wunderblock popped up this morning. It’s a collection of four tracks on Hamburg imprint FormResonance named Become Free EP and is available as of today. A quick listen to the snippets reveal that it’s still the same organic minimal techno that they’ve spoilt us with earlier, but also that the first two tracks of this release is somewhat more dance floor oriented whereas the latter two go more towards the  dreamy and jazzy moods that made up their Astor Bell classic Act!. All of utmost quality of course.

Grab it as mp3 or wav on the usual outlets for digital tunes, e.g. here, here, here, here, here, here, here or here.  Should be out on vinyl too as I’ve understood it.


New release! Klangbild by Aloo


Ladies and gentlemen, we are back! It took a while, as so many of life’s goods do, but we have no doubt you will forgive us after listening to our latest family member Aloo. From his studio in Leipzig he mixes up the border between images and sounds and paints a collection of songs that summarizes all that we stand for here at Astor Bell.

Follow him through this dreamy and dubby electronica experience. Read more, listen and download here. For free as always.

Summer sleep

Hi fans!

I hope there’s someone still listening out there! Astor Bell has been quiet for quite some time. This is due to several reasons, private and professional, and is that kind of a thing that can happen when you run something like this on a volunteer basis. The spare time that has earlier been devoted to keep this little label up and running was suddenly gone. Nonetheless it’s sad because we miss this labour of love and the world misses out on all beautiful music that we strive to put out.

This is starting to sound like a final goodbye letter, mind you it is not! We’re still around and we still have plans, be it that our releases might pop up with slightly less frequent occurrence. Next up when we manage to get the motor running is a lovely ambientish EP by German sound genius Aloo. You’ll forgive us for our abscence when you get your hands on it, rest assured.

We would however like to give you a little treat right now, a little something for being so patient with us. Here’s a mix that should suit those of you resident in the northern hemisphere especially, a celebration of the cold and dark yet beautiful time of the year that lies ahead. Actually your location is irrelevant, everyone can do with a shred of melancholy. And despite how this mix originally aimed for an ambient sound, the bpm slowly raised and now the reverbed strings are fully danceable.

Press play and relax. We’ll be back.

Roller Blind Mix

Better late than never. This fabulous mix by Mattias has been on repeat here all summer. It summarizes it all.

Mattias Edholm – Roller Blind Mix June 2010

I don’t have a track list for you at this point, but in case you wonder what that peak track is that you’ve heard on just about every dance floor this summer, it’s Tarantula by Sthlm/Miami duo Pleasurekraft.

Wunderblock is alive

Slightly more than a year after their debut on Astor Bell, Wunderblock returns. This time on greek label Erase, with a five track release entitled Rio EP. You’ll definitely recognise that jazzy minimal sound from Act!, but here it’s even more like a floating jam session, headlined by a Fender Rhodes piano and backed up by an armada of percussion rhythms. It’s lovely music of course.

This time you’re gonna have to pay a few cents to get the tunes – pick’em up at the usual outlets, ie BeatportJuno or Track it Down.

This & That

As we made clear, picking those eleven tracks for the Anniversary compilation was tough! Some tracks were left out merely cause we couldn’t fit more takes on the same original, some because we intended not to have more than ten tunes on the release (oh well, one forced its way in…).

Hence, we intend to post some of our missing favourites here on the blog. They surely deserve to get out to the public, even though they couldn’t make it on to ASTOR014.

This first one out doesn’t fit in the catagories mentioned above. It was left out due to it not fitting the album format. And maybe it’s not the best track ever made, but it sure is an effort worthy some attention. Ed Sprake aka Moose downloaded all our remix stems, chose some from each track and mixed’em all up into one eight minute mash-up. You’d expect that to be some sort of dissonant hotchpotch of mismatching sounds, but no! If you’ve been following us through our first year this is very amusing. If you haven’t, well, it still is. Enjoy!

Ed Moose – This & That