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Hello, goodbye and welcome!

There’s so much I could write in this post, but I’ll keep it short.  After 5 years Astor Bell withdraws, throws in the towel, shuts down or whatever you want to call it.

Back in 2009 the world was our oyster, but since then pretty much everything has changed – our private lives as well as the web, music consumtion, social media, mobile plattforms, etc. Amazing things really, but keeping up with all that took too much time and energy from our ultimate passion, to create music. We’ll stick to that instead, engage in new projects and for now leave the label business to all the other great players out there.

Hence: Goodbye! 

Our music will still be available here: 

And a copy of the old blog over at can be found right here. It might even be updated if something related to our old artists is worth announcing, but it might also never be updated. Time will tell. But for now at least you can dwell in all old news.

Thanks for the support! Xo