Monthly Archives: January 2012

Wunderblock keep on keeping on

And just in case you missed it, Wunderblock have new music out as well. We feel like successful investment bankers when our protégés move on to bigger things! No we don’t, but we’re happy that there’s so much great music out there. For more info on Moscow’s finest, check out their blog. As for now it’s just two long texts about their etymological history, i.e. Freud’s theories, and a broken sound link, but I’m sure they’ll update soon.

For working music streams of their new Eskimos EP go to Soundcloud.


Audioteka moved on!

Since we currently don’t have the resources to release any new music here at Astor Bell, we’re extra happy to see our artists find other labels to put out their music through! Audioteka has followed up the debut Just So Simple with a the new EP The Space of Emptiness, out now on Sanex Music.

It’s more of the same, i.e. immensely beautiful minimal techno mixing urban sounds and Siberian soundscapes. Slightly more uptempo, slightly more professional, slightly more expensive (but obviously worth every penny).

Samples of this beauty can be heard over at Beatport.