Monthly Archives: September 2010

Summer sleep

Hi fans!

I hope there’s someone still listening out there! Astor Bell has been quiet for quite some time. This is due to several reasons, private and professional, and is that kind of a thing that can happen when you run something like this on a volunteer basis. The spare time that has earlier been devoted to keep this little label up and running was suddenly gone. Nonetheless it’s sad because we miss this labour of love and the world misses out on all beautiful music that we strive to put out.

This is starting to sound like a final goodbye letter, mind you it is not! We’re still around and we still have plans, be it that our releases might pop up with slightly less frequent occurrence. Next up when we manage to get the motor running is a lovely ambientish EP by German sound genius Aloo. You’ll forgive us for our abscence when you get your hands on it, rest assured.

We would however like to give you a little treat right now, a little something for being so patient with us. Here’s a mix that should suit those of you resident in the northern hemisphere especially, a celebration of the cold and dark yet beautiful time of the year that lies ahead. Actually your location is irrelevant, everyone can do with a shred of melancholy. And despite how this mix originally aimed for an ambient sound, the bpm slowly raised and now the reverbed strings are fully danceable.

Press play and relax. We’ll be back.