Monthly Archives: June 2010

Anniversary Remix Compilation out now!


In February we celebrated our first anniversary by launching the Remix Project. Our artists “backtracked into their harddrives and extracted these singular moments and scattered them over the floor.”

We asked you to put the pieces back together, and you did.

We received submissions reaching to all corners of the globe. We hand picked the absolute best. Please know that it was NOT an easy task. We thank you for all of your submissions.

Anniversary 1 : Astor Bell Remixes. Mission completed.

Read all about it, listen and download here. For free as always.


Outstanding netlabel mix

makeface radio logo

Passing on a mix from the French free music oriented web based radio channel Makeface. Not mainly because it carries Socket Science‘s new track Ephedra, but because it’s fabulous all the way through. Smoothly mixed but most of all bearing an impeccable selection of tracks. Why ever pay for music when you can get gems like these for free?

A bonus for us was also to hear the fantastic french pronunciation of our name and related artist and track. We don’t understand a word though, if you do please pass it on.

Stream or download here.