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Interesting read


Hi all,

Just wanted to pass along a very thoughtful article by the always articulate Steve Mizek over at what might be the webs finest blog/web mag on electronic music right now, Little White Earbuds. It’s on the subject of quality control in these times of numerous releases on numerous labels. Simple production and distribution ways brings along the need for filters and curating middle hands – especially in times when a dj’s only way to get gigs (and hence to make any money) is to put out a number of original releases. Who’s to take on this role when costs aren’t forcing the labels to do it?

None of this is new, but Steve has some interesting thoughts on the subject, go read it if you’re interested in the future of electronic music.

Digital-only labels need to remember that although they don’t endure the costs of putting out music, they bear responsibility for what they put into the world; shoveling hundreds of tracks out the door in hopes three will stick is an ignoble way to run a label.

We here at Astor Bell fully share Steve’s philosophy on quantity over quality and we try to live by it. I do hope you all agree and don’t see his line of argument as a declaration for the superfluity of our little imprint.


Dan Brasco live 25/12

If you happen to spend the coming holiday somewhere around northwestern Germany, we’ve got good news. On christmas day Dan Brasco will play an exclusive live set at Zucker Club in Bremen. Escape the family (or bring them along) and shake that fat food out of your body while your head floats away to the hypnotic sounds. There’ll also be a set by the fabulous Dogs of Shame.


Dogs of Shame (USA/Wien)
Dan Brasco -LIVE- (Astorbell, Schweden)

Wo: Zucker Club | Friedrich-Rauers-Straße 10 | Bremen
Wann: 23.00 UHR
Was: techno / experimental / live / shame
Kosten: 8,- EUR

More info to come on the Zucker Club web.

(The video is from Dan’s DJ gig there earlier this year)

Dan Brasco’s sophomore release

It’s been a bit longer than usual between releases, but we’re back, and it was worth the wait. Dan Brasco returns with another nifty two track EP along the same lines as his debut Two-tier Society from earlier this year.  This time, however, focus is on domestic issues rather than the inequalities of modern society.  Dan offers us quite a pleasant way of tackling these matters, I must say.

Read more and download the EP here.