Monthly Archives: November 2009

Keeping up with 1st Dude

Well hello there. We hope all is well dear readers. Just wanted to point out a bit of news about one of our AB acts. 1st Dude, who in my opinion released one of the most original and interesting EPs of the year, has just dropped a massive 24-track full length on the newly-formed Reesonable imprint entitled Freaky Invisible Magic Hook. Follow that link to stream every song in its entirety. Purchase for a minimal fee.

If you were a fan of 1st Dude’s Bassid EP then you’ll surely dig this as well. The info I have is sketchy, as is most information surrounding Sandy Shirely, but from what I gather this is a collection of songs he’s been working on over the years. It’s just a beat up, weird and genius as the Bassid EP. So go there now!

We’re always glad to see our artists continue to put out music. Even if the release isn’t affiliated with AB we’ll do our best to keep you updated right here.

Happy listening!


Spinning at Pet Sounds

Astor Bell is once again teaming up with the good people behind the classy magazine FLM. This time to celebrate the release of their seventh issue, which summarizes the film decade that’s coming to an end. A very interesting read that deserves a good party. The plan is that label head Mike Downey shall dig into his collection to start off the evening with some indie pop and cozy electronic, after which Don Simon will raise the tempo slightly but still keep the vibe intact with his snug techno mixes.

If you’re in Stockholm you won’t find a better way to spend a Wednesday night and fight the current dark and cold. Come by Pet Sounds Bar next week and say hi.

Wednesday November 11th, 19-01.

More info (in Swedish) on Facebook.