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New release! Fabrizio Cacciamali’s Kobalt Trees

We randomly came across Fabrizio Cacciamali‘s previous work and had to get in contact with him and see if he was interested in releasing something with Astor Bell. Luckily he was totally into the idea.

So, we’re proud to release Kobalt Trees, a stunning EP of digital dabbles grounded in repetition and expanded upon in manipulation. The listener is taken to the exact fraction of time in which the machines fail. Everyone and everything, reset to presets.

Help us welcome Milan, Italy’s finest to the Astor Bell roster and download the EP here.

Fabrizio Cacciamali on Myspace.


Back on track


Hi all!

It’s been a bit quiet from us as of late, sorry about that. We have indeed cut down the tempo a bit over summer, due to various reasons. We’d like to say that it’s only because we strive to give you nothing but top notch releases, which is true of course, but it’s also that we’ve been spending this marvelous season being a tad more outside (offline) than the usual routine. Our passion is however intact, and we’re back with a vengeance. Since a while back the Astor Bell factory is running at full speed again, and yours truly are at the assembly lines working hard on new glorious goods.

We are approaching our tenth release, a milestone that deserves some attention. It’ll be served fresh and downtempoed from Italy by genius sound architect Fabrizio Cacciamali. Furthermore Bubble Shield and Socket Science are spending time in their studios on what should become sophomores to their Astor Bell debuts. And of course that German wonder boy Dan Brasco has a series to fulfill.

Also we’ve started some very loose discussions regarding the possibilty of an AB live show going on tour, there are some merchandise articles on the design table and there’s a musical project soon to be announced that could very well involve you. In other words, you’ll hear from us. Keep them ears, doors and hearts open wide.


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