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Astor Bell Label Mix 001-009


Recently we received a wonderful surprise in our inbox. Dan Brasco, who’s of course one of the newest artists on the AB roster, put together a comprehensive and engaging mix of songs from all 9 AB releases and shared it with us. We loved it so much we wanted to share it with all of you!

As we’ve stated all along, these releases don’t fit into the same genre, category, etc… Some were built for clubs while others were engineered for headphones and living room dance parties at noon. What we do know is that all AB releases evoke a (for lack of a better word) “vibe” that engaged us upon first listen.

So hearing these songs meshed into one another makes for an interesting listening experience to say the least, as well as gives us a pretty cool summary of what we’ve all accomplished in the past 7 months.

You can download and check out the tracklist on the Mixes page.

A big thanks to Dan for putting this together!


Giuseppe is back

The Sleep EP

Array of Sunshine was one of our initial releases here at Astor Bell, and remains the one which has created the biggest buzz wave in the blog world. We know why. Now Giuseppe is back with a vengeance. Lamu takes it all to another level and should be nothing but the big break.

ASTOR009 : Lamu, the sophomore release from our techno whizzkid raises the Astor Bell standards even higher. Like a younger and more playful disciple of Gui Boratto or Sascha Funke, Giuseppe is bound to knock out kosher minimal techno lovers as well as those who value pop melody perfection.

This EP is a dreamy lightweight production that sweeps you away, yet keeps that foot stomping to the steady beat. Leaving the most obvious electro influences from the debut 12” behind, Giuseppe now focuses slightly more on soaring synths and an airier atmosphere, while keeping his trademark percussion and chime combo. Oh this is beautiful!

Go go download it for free here.

Dan Brasco mixin’ it up

More mixing action to accompany your summer days while awaiting the next AB release. This time sent to us from Germany by our favourite Bremener Dan Brasco. It’s not only a great mix exploring his colleagues within low key electronic music, but also a hommage to the netlabel scene of 2009. Yet another uplifting proof that great culture can be produced entirely out of love for what you do.

One hour live mixed in Traktor. Tracklist and DL as usual on the Mixes page. Go go.

And a little teaser – new mind blowing material is on the way from Giuseppe. Looks to be a four track EP of beautiful melodic minimal techno reminiscent of Gui Boratto and the likes. Keep an eye here. And if you haven’t already – subscribe.