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One more for the show

Mattias and Don Simon are hitting Barcelona and the Sonar festival tomorrow, and even though we ain’t running our own showcase down there this year, it made us so happy we’ll throw in another mix to celebrate.

So go get Mattias Edholm’s Urban Vacation Mix as well. On the Mixes page.


More mix action

Since the last release was more on the slow side, we thought we’d give you something extra for that late night party alongside it. Mattias Edholm serves up another of his impeccable vinyl mixes. This one is slightly darker than it’s predecessors, but it’s still minimal techno action enough to keep them feet going.

Go fetch Nach Vater Mix on the Astor Bell Mixes page.

New release! Fenderchet delivers

The Sleep EP

We’ve been planning to slow down tempo here over the summer months, but hey, there’s just too much fantastic music that needs to get out there. Cosmic powers, or was it plain luck, connected us with Falcon, Venezuela’s Fenderchet a while ago, and it has resulted in yet another mesmerizing release.

ASTOR008 : The Sleep EP captures the journey from the moment you put your head on your pillow until that when you open your eyes several hours later, dreams included. It is a step back to a lower tempo and glitchy soundscapes nodding towards Boards of Canada, Tycho and Aphex Twin’s ambient work. It is the soundtrack to this rainy week in Stockholm, and most likely to coming summer nights, regardless of the wheather. But most of all it’s a breathtaking attempt at catching your inner emotions, using nothing but a digital tool kit.

Save your own day, download it for free here.

Defining our space


Just a little report from the headquarters. Things are going very well for the little netlabel Astor Bell these days! Visitor and download numbers are currently skyrocketing, and with that follows a swarm of demos and press. And then the circle starts again. Happy times! Thank you all for supporting us!

We try not to get to carried away though. Even though we’ve managed to keep a quite rapid pace with the releases so far, our major aim is to build a stable long term reputation. Can’t say it enough: Quality over quantity. And not only that, we make quite an effort to set up our boundaries in terms of musical style. As we mentioned in our first manifesto, it’s not about the genre name, but rather about a certain vibe.

Sure, there is definitely a span within the current releases, but they shall sort of act as markers of our musical space. It’s hard and often pointless to put in words, but Astor Bell focuses on something like melodic, melancholic and somewhat minimalistic sounds, preferably original and just enough experimental. One end is club oriented minimal techno and the other ambient/IDM aimed at your living room.

Even though there might be a ton of more interesting labels in 2009, Astor Bell wouldn’t exist without the legendary Kompakt imprint (which we are now related to via Wunderblock’s Michael Teploff’s collaborate releases with SCSI-9’s Anton Kubikov!) Also Unfoundsound and Pentagonik inspired us by showing that it’s possible to run CC based netlabels and yet maintain impeccable standards and create a unique label sound. So we can’t deny moving around in somewhat similar soundscapes. Hence we’ve passed on some submissions from very talented and in some cases experienced artists, and will keep doing so. Guess it’s called brand building…

Anyway, just wanted share the good news and this little statement on what we do here on earth. Keep spreading the Astor Bell gospel and keep an eye here for new great music. We have a South American treat set for mid June…

Rounding off with a nice little article that just dropped in:

Much love,

Don Simon & Mike