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New Release! Dan Brasco is in the house

Two-tier Society

More great music! Dan Brasco out of Bremen, Germany has joined our family and opens up strong.

ASTOR007 : Two-tier Society is a calm but catchy mini EP that focuses on melodic patterns and dreamy soundscapes. Two tracks, one lighter and one slightly darker that make the perfect soundtrack to the current season. Wherever you are.

Everything you need today can be found here.

Happy times! Love,
Astor Bell



Thanks everyone for coming down to El Mundo! Although it was a tad overcrowded for some at times, the vibe was electric. Tried out some Astor Bell songs for the first time in a set – all proved to be a great success!

If you’re not located in Stockholm, tell your local club fixing mafia to book the AB team and we’ll come over and relive it again at your place. Boom boom.

At the decks again

Hey all!

Just a note to tell everyone in and around Stockholm to come down to El Mundo on Wednesday. It’s the release party for number six of the lovely swedish film magazine FLM. Astor Bell is having a little love affair with them right now, and this is one of the outcomes of that. We love not only music but all forms of great art, and intelligent minds theorizing over it.

It’s not a huge place for sure, but come down, squeeze yourself in and let’s see if we can get the crowd moving!

More info here.

New Release! Wunderblock brings the beat back


We’re at it again. And this one is really something! We’re proud beyond words to present the debut EP from Wunderblock, a collaboration project consisting of some very fine, talented and experienced gentlemen out of Moscow.

ASTOR006 : Act! is a step back towards the minimal techno that we love, but it’s still original in how it mashes electronics and live instrumentation into airy, percussive and beat oriented soundscapes. Professionalism meets playfulness. Oh it’s fantantastic!

Nothing more needs to be said really.  Go go listen for yourself.

Astor Bell