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demo tape

We’ve been getting quite a few demos lately! That’s great for two reasons:

  1. We love to hear new music!
  2. It’s inspiring that so many talented musicians are into releasing their music under a CC license. It’s by no means the final solution to the file sharing issue, but it’s proof that great things can be done solely for the love to the music, regardless of financial aspects.

Most of it has however been rejected so far, not at all neccessarily due to it being poor qualitywise, but rather due to us here at Astor Bell trying to keep a somewhat limited span genrewise. To build a good long term reputation we want to stick to our domains and not go too experimental/synth/pop or whatever.

So please listen to our releases before you email your tracks, but if you feel that you could be part of our family, don’t hesitate!

Last week or so we were struck by a sensational submission from Germany, suiting us like tailor made. And things seem to working out good so expect a new Astor Bell protégé next month. Astor Bell is burning.


New release alert! 1st Dude has landed

The 1st Dude

Now if this isn’t a face only a mother could love then I don’t know what is.

We would like to introduce to you Wiltshire, UK by way of New York City’s finest, 1st Dude. As we have mentioned before he is 1. a genius and 2. a tangled web of mysteriousness, although his keeper did float over a nice bio (finally) in which you can review.

ASTOR005 : Bassid is 1st Dude’s second release and his first with Astor Bell. A snappy 6-song romp through the padded cell maze that is 1st Dude’s brain. Percussive, sample-based originality.

In a world where it seems like we’ve heard it all before, 1st Dude steps up and delivers this fresh collection of glitchy perfection. The rhythms on this record constantly hit hard while a sea of peripherals are constantly changing.

At Astor Bell we generally think that words are quite silly. We are sort of forced to write quick descriptions to fill up the space. So please, if you are so inclined, have a listen for yourself.

Astor Bell

Double the discography

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to chime in and give a big THANKS to everyone who has downloaded any of our first 3 releases. The response has been tremendous and both Don Simon and I are elated with the success of phase 1 of the Astor Bell master plan.

Now it’s time to look forward and release some new music!

We currently have 3 new releases all very close to being ready for you. Here’s a brief summary…more will follow in the coming week.

ASTOR004 – Donny Karson (Stockholm, Sweden) is ready to make his big debut and we couldn’t be more happy. Donny was on board with Astor Bell right from the beginning and we’ve been anxiously awaiting his submission. And now we’ve got it: 2 songs ready to make the smartest techno connoisseurs dig in for deeper analysis. Donny is a true creative and forward thinking artist. He cannot be contained to a computer. Gypsy vocal samples from Stockholm’s subway backed by chugging melodies. It’s real.

ASTOR005 – 1st Dude (Brooklyn, New York) is still as much of a mystery as ever. We are talking about decoder ring emails and enough unanswered questions to make us label bosses scratch our heads. And this is exactly the reason why we asked 1st Dude to join the team. This great little EP does not sound like anything you’ve ever heard, I promise. We have a reclusive genius armed with an arsenal of samplers on our hands folks. Curious?

ASTOR006 – Wonderblock (Moscow, Russia) pretty much floored us on first listen. On repeat listens subtle changes in tone and shape become more apparent and it is quickly realized that Wonderblock are masters of their craft. We are sure that songs from this release are going to find their way into many DJ sets across the globe. Percussive minimal with just the right amount of hooks and melodic elements. It’s so so good.

So, there’s the teaser. Please stay tuned for new music!