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Don Simon at the decks again

DAS BOOT poster

I haven’t been out dj:ing much at all lately. Focus has been on getting this label up and running as well as producing some original tunes. There’s a time for everything, and this is what’ve I’ve felt the most excited about in recent times. However, my fingers are starting to itch again, and hopefully I’ll be out there a bit more often from now on.

First gig this year will be at DAS BOOT on M/S Saga Lejon in the legendary Norrköping harbour, together with Björn and Joni of local heroes Slagsmålsklubben. From what I’ve heard it’s a massive boat with three floors, and we’ll be running the main electronic one. Expect bouncy beats, monotonic loops and cocaine bass! More info here.

Also I’m hoping to do another mini tour of my beloved Copenhagen within a near future, we’ll see when that lands. Keep an eye on our Event page for details.

If you’re interested in a visit at your local club, give us a shout.


Air Time

Viva Radio logo

We were just informed that whizz kid Giuseppe will get some air time on American Apparels web radio channel Viva Radio out of Brooklyn, NY.

It’s on a show called She Talks in Stereo aired at 1-3 PM PST on Thur and 9-11 PM PST Saturday. Of course it’ll be archived and available for streaming after the first airing.

Full tracklisting available here.

Open your ears and spread the word.

For the subscribers…

FB Invasion

Hi all!

Just a short, boring note with some technical info. We did some back end fixes on the blog (i.e. installed feedburner) to gain more control over feeds and comments. It’ll work for you as it is, but if you don’t mind we’d appreciate if you could unsubscribe and resubscribe again to be part of this.

We’ll be back soon with some slightly more entertaining news. E.g. about ASTOR004 by Donny Karson, which is currently being mastered by sound engineer guru Jens Eklund. Hi-Fi!

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