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New Socket Science review

It’s quite tough getting reviews for netlabel releases. Most major magazines and such still require a physical product in order to even listen to your creations. That is sad given how completely pointless it is to press cd:s in 2009. I believe that the few times us here at Astor Bell – and most likely our target audience too for that matter – touch a cd, it goes straight into itunes to get ripped and then shelved pretty much for good. Still I totally understand how major instances need to filter out the quality goods from the enormous amounts of music made, and a record label serious enough to press their music can be that first filter. Even though it by no means is a guarantee for significance.

This must change, and most likely will over time. What’s neccesary though, is that serious netlabels build a reputation, and help each other out. Focus needs to be on the music, not the distribution format.

However, the main reason for this post isn’t music business theory but rather that I wanted to pass along a very kind review we did get of Pulver Stunts, by the folks over at AudioStylites.

Read it here:


New mix up (again)!

Mattias Edholm serves us yet another exquisite turntable mix to ease the wait for the next proper Astor Bell release.

Also I can mention that we have been in touch with some remixers regarding exchange of favours, so that might lead to some more intermission goodies within a near future. And we’re having discussions with a possible new artist for our roster. We’ll see how things turn out, but let’s hope for the best. Keep an eye on your new favorite label.

Love & respect,


Report from the studio

Just a quick note on what’s happening on the release front. I payed a visit to the G12 studios here in Stockholm the other day, where Donny Karson is smashing bottles, hammering on track spikes and tweaking casiotones in order to finish the ASTOR004 release.

It is now in the final mixing and mastering stage, so expect another solid AB release in the near future. Astor Bell never sleeps. Literally.


The ship is floating

Allright! 24 hours have passed since the launch of Astor Bell, and we are overwhelmed by the positive responce from all of you listeners! Thank you!

We’ve had visitors from Japan to L.A. to Kiruna to Sao Paulo to the United Arab Emirates. What a wonderful borderless world we live in with this cyberspace community.

It seems the process has gone without any problems, and we are happy and a tad proud of that. This is just the start of something that we hope will grow bigger by the day – so keep downloading, keep spreading the word and keep an eye open for new releases and events on

Fridens liljor,
Don Simon

Three new releases!

Along with the site launch comes our first 3 releases (and first 3 artists all releasing their debuts) which we’re super excited to share with everybody:

ASTOR001 : Label co-honcho Bubble Shield starts things off with a full length packed with moodiness which attempts to audibly define those small moments of life which so easily pass us by. Get deep with it.

ASTOR002 : Label co-honcho Socket Science nudges up on the BPMs and unleashes a melodic and beat-based EP which sums up his past couple years of recording adventures. Get busy with it.

ASTOR003 : Giuseppe. Keep this name on the tip of your tongue because you’ll be sure to start dropping it the next time your buddies try to out-minimal each other. You heard it here first. 2 songs (both A-sides!) presented smart and clean. Ask the DJ to spin it.

We are vastly proud of all of these. Go check them out!

Astor Bell

Welcome to Astor Bell!

We’re so glad you found your way here. Astor Bell has been a work in progress for many months now and finally launching the site makes us feel like the world is ours for the taking. Care to join us?

A few things you should know about Astor Bell right from the start:

  • All of the music we release will be free of charge at 320kbps MP3. When possible we will make available lossless formats as well as occasional physical copies.
  • All of the music we release is covered under a Creative Commons license. This means that we want you to pass the music around to your friends and put it up on file sharing sites. Contact the artists directly if you wish to do more than this with their music.
  • We believe in quality over quantity.

For further details on what we stand for, please check out the About section.

Beyond our dot com, Astor Bell is currently hanging out on There you can add all of our releases to your playlists and let everybody know you’ve been listening along!

And here on the Astor Bell Blog we’ll be posting from time to time with whatever floats our boats, label and non-label related.

That should be more than enough info to get you acquainted. Happy downloading!

Questions, comments, feedback? Head to the Contact page and drop us a line. Or, subscribe on the Newsletter page.


Astor Bell